Home Security for Summer - Falcon Locks‘Home security for Summer’, is by no means an exhaustive list of security suggestions. However Falcon Locks wanted to produce a helpful guide to assist with security threats that are specific to the security of a home at this time of year. By providing this information, we hope that individuals can improve the overall security of their homes during the warmer weather.

Secure Your Windows

Whist travelling to jobs in Rochdale and the surrounding areas, Falcon Locks witness many windows left open on hot days. Even if this occurs on first floor windows and above, it is still a potential security risk to your home. To a would be burglar, an open window is as good as a written invitation to enter your home. If you are leaving your home unattended for the day, then shut and lock all of your windows. Closing the curtains will help to keep the room cool and then open the window upon your return. If you absolutely have to have some air circulation through the room, then shut and lock the window in the ‘ajar’ position. However, the most secure position for any window is always completely shut and then locked.

Secure Your Garden Shed

Many people store a wide variety of expensive equipment in the garden shed. When you consider the cost of the lawn mower, hedge cutter, strimmer and all the family bicycles then £2,000 + is not an unreasonable estimate for the cost of the contents. To protect your belongings as effectively as possible, a sturdy and good quality padlock is essential. As is, a strong chain. It is also important to ensure that the doors on the shed close flush to each other and the hinges. This makes breaking the doors open much more difficult. If you have a window in your shed, consider either covering it over from the inside or, better still, boarding it over from the inside. This will then eliminate any prying eyes from observing exactly what you have stored inside the shed.

Security Advice For Whilst You Are Away

If you are fortunate enough to be going away on holiday then the key to good home security, is to make it appear that someone is still at home. The following tips will help you to do this:

  • Fit timer switches to as many interior and exterior lights as possible – Set them for all different times including throughout the night.
  • Ask a trusted friend/neighbour to collect the post each day and put it out of sight of the front door and windows. If this isn’t possible then consider having your mail redirected for the period that you are away. You can do this online with the Royal mail.
  • Ask a friend to regularly water and potted plants/hanging baskets at the front of your property. If you are planning on being away more than a week and you have a front lawn, ask them to mow it for you if possible.
  • Cancel your milk delivery – Nothing says ‘We’re on holiday’ more, than an ever increasing amount of pints of milk on your doorstep!
  • NEVER post about your holiday on a social media site, whilst you are away. Depending on your privacy settings, a potential burglar can get hold of your address and if you have posted about it, know exactly how long you are away for as well!

Lock Your Front Door

This might sound like obvious advice if you are going to work/out for the day. However, it is also advisable to lock your front door if you are planning a day in the garden. In the time it takes to complete a couple of noisy tasks eg mowing the lawn and cutting a hedge, a burglar could have walked straight into your home and stolen a substantial amount of your possessions. Lock the front door and this will avoid the potential situation.

Should you require any further advice regarding home security in Summer or at any other time in the year, then please do not hesitate to contact Falcon Locks on 0161 858 0050 and we will be happy to help you.



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