Secured by Design is a police initiative that Falcon Locks supportThe Crime Prevention Website recently reported on a police initiative that has been set up to try to eliminate crime opportunities in new builds. The scheme applies to both new build private homes and also new build commercial properties. Though not a particularly renowned program, ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD) was actually started almost 30 years ago in the 1980’s.

A building contractor will be awarded the SBD status by the police following rigorous testing and vetting of the final building by the Designing Out Crime Officer (DOCO).The overall procedure for both applying and complying with the SBD award is rather like applying for a Building Regulation Approved Document.

According to the Crime Prevention Website the DOCOs (formely known as Architectural Liaison Officers and Prevention Design Advisers), are between them and the participating SBD builders, to be congratulated on the prevention of hundreds of thousands of crimes. This is due to the buildings being far less penetrable to crime attack, through the superior security at the design stage.

Indeed, the Crime Prevention Website author Calvin Beckford states ….

“In my opinion it’s probably one of the most important crime prevention initiatives ever developed by the police and long may it continue.”

If you are a contractor wishing to participate in the Secure By Design initiative then you can find further information on their website here.

Falcon Locks encourage any scheme that will help to eradicate crime on any building and agree that the SBD program should be highly valued and recognised.

Should you require any further help or assistance in making your building more secure, then please do not hesitate to contact Falcon Locks. For a fast and friendly response call 0161 858 0050 today.

With thanks to the Secured by Design Police initiative for the use of their logo.

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