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Beaufort Avenue, Swinton, Manchester.

The Manchester Evening News have recently reported on a burglar who was stabbed by the owner of the home that he had unlawfully entered. Craig Norman aged 38 had been stabbed in the stomach by Lee Fellowes and consequently, Norman spent almost six months in the Manchester Royal Infirmary.

During a hearing at Manchester Magistrates Court, the court room was informed of how Mr Fellowes had gone into his kitchen to investigate the sound of breaking glass at his home in Beaufort Avenue, Swinton. When he turned to look at the front door, he witnessed the hand of Craig Norman reaching for the keys in the lock of the door. Mr Fellowes kicked the hand but did not manage to prevent Norman from running off with the keys.

“Bare-footed and in his pyjamas Mr Fellowes ran out of the back door. On the way he picked up a kitchen knife to protect himself and his young family,” said Mr Subhanur Chowdhury, Prosecutor.

Whilst outside, Lee Fellowes saw a car driving off at speed and wrongly assumed that Norman was in the vehicle. He then saw his pregnant wife Kelly aged 33, trying to fight off an attacker (Craig Norman) who was armed with a hammer and dressed all in black.

“Mr Fellowes ran at the man. Instinct took over and he pushed his hand holding the knife into his midriff. He pulled the knife out of the man’s body and it fell to the ground.” added Mr Chowdhury.

Craig Norman managed to get back to his home, despite the injuries he had sustained.

“Norman suffered a life endangering wound. And after being admitted to the Manchester Royal Infirmary twice died. He does have a record but he takes issue with some of the evidence against him.” Said Miss Maggie McCormack, Defending.

Miss McCormack stated that Craig Norman pleaded guilty on a basis. She requested that the case be heard at Manchester Crown Court. The basis was not aired in the Magistrates court room. She then said that a Newton hearing would be applicable to this particular case. This would mean that a hearing would occur to decide which version of the case would ultimately be accepted by the judge.

Craig Norman of Hulton District Centre, Salford entered a guilty plea to theft of Mr & Mrs Fellowes house keys and to burglary of their property. Norman has been bailed with an active curfew in place, preventing him from leaving his home between the hours of 9pm to 7am. He will return to Manchester Crown Court for sentencing on 6th October 2015.

Mr Fellowes is still awaiting a decision on whether or not he will face any charges, in relation to the incident.

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