Locked out of your vehicle

Locked out of your vehicle in Greater Manchester? Call Falcon Locks on  0161 858 0050I’ve had quite a few car lock outs over the past few weeks!
Middleton, Oldham, Rossendale and Failsworth.
Every customer asked the same question. “Will there be any damage to my car?”
I could safely assure them that entry to the vehicle would be done by picking the lock. I have seen the damage left by other so called locksmiths, as they use metal rods in between the door and the body of the car. Scratched paint and sometimes even worse, a broken window! Being locked out of your vehicle doesn’t have to be like this – Call Falcon Locks!
They may be a few £s cheaper but think of the cost to repair the paintwork on your beloved vehicle.
Use a decent locksmith and not a handy man!
Also as the customer is waiting for me to gain entry the the car, they nearly always tell me that they have been meaning to get a spare key for it as they only have the one!
Why wait until you have locked your only key in the car or even worse lost it?
We can make duplicate keys for a wide range of vehicles and its cheaper if we have the existing key to copy.
Give me a ring and ask.

With thanks for the use of the photograph of a car lockout 

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