Vehicle Lock out call …..

Falcon Locks and assist with any vehicle lockout in Greater ManchesterGot a call this week from a customer requiring a new key for his Ford Transit vehicle lock in Failsworth.
He said that he could lock the van with his existing key but was struggling to unlock it.
I went to the FordĀ TransitĀ and after about 15 minutes I diagnosed that it wasn’t the key but in actual fact there was a fault with another part of the vehicle lock.
I informed the customer this and recommended he should go to a garage and get the faulty part replaced.
He was quite shocked when he asked how much he owed me and I informed him there was nothing to pay!
I didn’t actually make a spare key for him so I didn’t feel he should pay me anything.
I have a good reputation in my local area for being reliable, fair and trustworthy.
I won’t charge people for work that hasn’t been done.
I will leave that to the rogue traders.

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